A Chosen Few: The Resurrection of European Jewry by Mark Kurlansky

By Mark Kurlansky

A strong, DEEPLY relocating NARRATIVE OF desire REBORN

Fifty years after it used to be bombed to rubble, Berlin is once more a urban within which Jews assemble for the Passover seder. Paris and Antwerp have lately emerged as vital new facilities of Jewish tradition. Small yet proud Jewish groups are revitalizing the traditional facilities of Budapest, Prague, and Amsterdam. those courageous, made up our minds Jewish women and men have selected to settle–or remain–in Europe after the devastation of the Holocaust, yet they've got paid a cost. one of the unforeseen risks, they've got needed to focus on an alarming resurgence of Nazism in Europe, the unfold of Arab terrorism, and the influence of the Jewish country on eu life.

Delving into the intimate tales of eu Jews from all walks of lifestyles, Kurlansky weaves jointly a shiny tapestry of people maintaining their traditions, and flourishing, within the shadow of background. An inspiring tale of a tenacious those who have rebuilt their lives within the face of incomprehensible horror, A selected Few is a testomony to cultural survival and a party of the deep bonds that undergo among Jews and eu civilization.

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