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A Guide to the Ethereal Plane (AD&D Planescape) by Bruce R. Cordell

By Bruce R. Cordell

In the airy aircraft, demiplane islands and creatures either bizarre and unsafe glide in an never-ending box of threat. Canny fogeys understand that the airy additionally leads tips on how to the internal Planes, countless arenas of elemental fury. See, it is greater than only a backdrop to different adventures - the airplane itself bargains ask yourself and chance for people with braveness sufficient to discover its unlimited expanse.

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Stage 2: Finale Once the PCs have learned the truth behind the Triad’s plan through exploration of the Temple of All-Consumption, the heroes must return here to stop the dreadful ritual. If they haven’t previously killed the hobgoblins, those forces still occupy the temple, but the rest of what’s going on is detailed in Part 3: The Rebirth of Elemental Evil. Encounters Around the Temple The area around the old Temple of Elemental Evil is weedchoked scrub, full of gnarled trees and twisted vegetation.

The walls are plastered and painted with scenes befitting the nature of this despicable place—torture, murder, enslavement, robbery, and far more unspeakable acts. The creed of the worshipers is evident from these depiction: Evil is supreme. Ahead, the floor stones are green, and the nave of the temple is filled with pillars of a pinkish material, shot through with worm-colored veins. Their arches lead to an unremarkable pair of lesser side aisles. The columns supporting the archways, as well as the archways themselves, are worked in relief scenes of vile activities conducted mostly by human men and women.

A narrow staircase on the western side of the building leads down to a small opening about 2 1/2 feet high and 2 feet wide. The opening leads into a cellar that is mostly collapsed, so that the ceiling is only 2 to 3 feet high. Rubble and rat droppings are all that can be seen, although a successful Search check (DC 20) reveals a hidden trapdoor. Below the trapdoor is a 20-foot-square wine cellar, long since plundered. Creatures: A hobgoblin adept and two companions live in the wine cellar. These three were cast out of the main band for attempting to turn the others against the reigning adept, Krebbich (see area 12).

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