Advances in Environmental Research, volume 10 by Justin A. Daniels

By Justin A. Daniels

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Factor 4. Approval process of the designated national authority (DNA) Each country has a designated authority for approving proposed CDM projects, within South Africa the DNA is the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME). It was agreed among the respondents that there is very limited indication that the DNA is a real barrier in the CDM process. Initially, at the inception of the Kyoto protocol, the DNA was considered slow and aloof, but relationships have subsequently improved. The DNA is considered, competent and adequately resourced, and ensures they adhere to the relevant timeframes.

CDM project opportunities within South Africa South Africa would appear to be one of the most likely garners of a large share of global CDM projects. The South African economy is the largest on the continent, and is heavily focused on metals, minerals and mining with a wide industrial base that should offer plenty of choice to prospective project developers. In addition, South Africa‘s financial sector is by far the most sophisticated in Africa. The majority of the respondents agreed that there is significant opportunity for CDM projects in South Africa and all qualified their selection through statements focusing on the carbon intensive nature of the South African economy.

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