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Alphabet Soup by Rosalind Fergusson

By Rosalind Fergusson

Abbreviations take place in each element of our day-by-day lives. a few became phrases of their personal correct, like radar and laser, and plenty of are nearly by no means utilized in their complete shape (phone, MOT, DVD). Others, like cf., ibid. and viz., are frequently noticeable yet fewer and less people be aware of what they stand for. millions extra belong to professional jargon, understood by way of insiders - TLAs (three-letter acronyms) resembling WAN or WAP and different acronyms similar to NIMBY and BOGOF. This new booklet presents causes for over 8,000 entries, and covers the whole diversity of topic parts together with legislations, computing, aviation, politics and drugs, in addition to chemical symbols and txt msgs. From GDP to WHO and CPR to IMHO, this e-book provides you with the that means of each abbreviation you ever questioned approximately.

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Computer-generated image 3. computer-generated imagery cgm MEASUREMENTS centigram CGM MILITARY Conspicuous Gallantry Medal CET cf Cf CF cf. fm Page 27 Monday, July 19, 2004 4:56 PM CI 27 CGNCR FINANCE a measurement of the difference between government income and expenditure over a given period. Full form Central Government Net Cash Requirement cgs MEASUREMENTS centimetre-gram-second (NOTE: The cgs system uses the centimetre, gram, and second as the basic units for length, mass, and time, respectively.

MEASUREMENTS , PHYSICS Celsius 7. MEASUREMENTS centi- 8. MEASUREMENTS , PHYSICS centigrade 9. HISTORY century 10. POLITICS Chancellor 11. PHYSICS a quantum characteristic of elementary particles. Full form charm 12. MANAGEMENT chief 13. city 14. EDUCATION college 15. MILITARY Companion 16. POLITICS Congress 17. POLITICS Conservative 18. MILITARY corps 19. MEASUREMENTS , ELECTRICITY coulomb 20. court 21. BIOCHEMISTRY cytosine 22. PHYSICS heat capacity 23. ONLINE see C The abbreviation C used after a temperature can stand for Celsius or centigrade, as both scales are based on a range of 100 degrees between the freezing and boiling points of water.

MATHEMATICS divide 3. FINANCE dividend 4. MATHEMATICS division 5. SOCIAL SCIENCES divorced DIY 1. ) 2. DOMESTIC the activity of doing repairs and alterations in the home yourself, especially as a hobby, instead of employing tradespeople to do the work. ) DJ 1. CLOTHING a man’s jacket without tails that is worn on formal occasions, especially in the evening. Full form dinner jacket 2. g. at a club or disco) or on a radio show. Full form disc jockey DJIA FINANCE Dow Jones Industrial Average dk 1.

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