Science Fiction Fantasy

Alternative 3 by Ken Mitchell

By Ken Mitchell

Hitlers break out, extraterrestrial beings, Roswell...Global conspiracies. So 1999. yet what in the event you stumbled on clues that made you're thinking that another way. Clues to whatever which can switch our knowing of recent heritage, with apocalyptic implications for the longer term. How a ways could you cross and and masses could you threat to show the reality.

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This group, imaginatively called Central, was to maintain the flight base for the aerial photography missions. The Eastern group was to head towards zero degrees longitude while the Western group was to circle the continent in a westerly direction until they met up with the Eastern group. Even so, the sight of the 15 navy ships and an aircraft carrier of the full expeditionary force in the middle of the blue and white Antarctic landscape had cut a strange sight, even for someone of Thomson’s polar experience.

Curtis’s office at Trident Technologies Inc. was a joke. Open plan, with no windows. Security was tight, since the company prided itself on developing network security and encryption systems. That meant lots of card swiping, passwords and covert system searches which even the employees weren’t supposed to know about. But Curtis wasn’t your usual employee. By the time his PC had fired up Curtis was feeling a little more sane. Caffeine injection number three and things were starting to look up. The secure work, like the programming he was finishing today, was done on a different computer.

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