An Illustrated Guide to the Modern United States Army by Tim Ripley

By Tim Ripley

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The Ultimate Guide to US Army Combat

Right here for the 1st time in a single position is every little thing you must find out about sleek army wrestle. Drawn from dozens of the U. S. Army’s well-written box manuals on each attainable point of accomplishing wrestle operations, this massive compendium includes every little thing for any combatant anywhere—armed or unarmed and in all stipulations and terrains, together with: desolate tract, jungle, mountain, and house-to-house scuffling with education for rifle, mortar, mines, and sniper operations psychological preparedness, and management for strive against and strive against rigidity tank and artillery strategies ahead and reconnaissance operations z development of shielding positions wrestle in nuclear, organic, and chemical environments land navigation, map interpreting, first reduction, and camouflage final yet no longer least, this e-book additionally encompasses a whole part on hand-to-hand strive against that you can use your bayonet or kill along with your naked palms.

Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts: Mussolini’s Elite Armoured Divisions in North Africa

The crusade in North Africa in the course of global struggle was once some of the most very important of the clash. The allies fought for keep an eye on of North Africa opposed to the German Afrika Korps led by way of Rommel. however the half performed via Mussolini's Italian troops, and particularly the armored divisions, in aid of the Germans isn't so popular.

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