An introduction to the study of the Kabalah by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

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No longer some time past, all people knew that Judaism got here sooner than Christianity. extra lately, students have began to acknowledge that the old photograph is sort of a section extra complex than that. within the Jewish international of the 1st century, many sects competed for the identify of the real Israel and the genuine interpreter of the Torah—the Talmud itself speaks of seventy—and the shape of Judaism that was once to be the seedbed of what finally grew to become the Christian Church used to be yet this sort of many sects.

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Origins of the Kabbalah

The most very important students of our century, Gershom Scholem (1897-1982) unfolded a as soon as esoteric international of Jewish mysticism, the Kabbalah, to involved scholars of faith. The Kabbalah is a wealthy culture of repeated makes an attempt to accomplish and painting direct reviews of God: its twelfth-and thirteenth-century beginnings in southern France and Spain are probed in Origins of the Kabbalah, a piece an important in Scholem's oeuvre.

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2) That all we perceive or know of is, formed on the Sephirotic type. (]) That human souls were pre-existent in an upper world before the origin of this present world. (4) That human souls before incarnation dwell now in an Upper Hall or Treasury, where the decision is made as to what earth body each soul or ego shall enter. (s) That every soul after earth life or lives must at length be so purified as to be re-absorbed into the Infinite God. (6) That one human life is seldom sufficient; that two earth lives are necessary for almost all t() pass; and that if failure result in the second life, a third life is passed linked with a stronger sou) who draws the sinner upward into purity: this is a form of the scheme of Re-incarnation, Transmigration of souls, or Metempsychosis.

The former was represented by a face in profile, the latter by the full face. M. Mathers). Binah is the Supernal Mother, Aima. Malkuth is the Inferior Mother, the Bride of the Mikroprosopos. Daath or Knowledge is the union of Chokmah and Binah, of wisdom and understanding. Merkabah was the Chariot Throne of God of the vision of Ezekiel mentioned in his chapters i. on wheels and was carried by Four Cherubim, the Sacred Animal Forms, which resembled the Man, Lion, Bull and Eagle, which were related to the Four quarters of the World, and to Four types of humanity.

For example, a common form was to write one half of the alphabet over the other in reverse order, and so the first letter A was replaced by the last T, and B by Shin, and so on. On this plan the word Sheshak of Jeremiah 25 v. 26, is said to mean Babel: this permutation was known as ATBSH, atbash. squares, and then putting a letter in each square in order 27 up and down, and then reading across or diagonally, etc. Of this type is the so-called "Kabalah of Nine Chambers" of the Mark Masons. A further development of the numerical arts was shown by the modes of Contraction and Extension; thus Jehovah, IHVH 26, was extended to IVD-HA-Vy-HA, and so 10, S, 6, S or 26 became 20, 6, 12, 6 or 44.

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