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Analog CMOS Filters for Very High Frequencies by Bram Nauta

By Bram Nauta

Integrated circuit expertise is commonplace for the whole integration of digital structures. as a rule, those platforms are learned utilizing electronic innovations carried out in CMOS know-how. The low energy dissipation, excessive packing density, excessive noise immunity, ease of layout and the relative ease of scaling are the using forces of CMOS expertise for electronic functions. components of those structures can't be carried out within the electronic area and may stay analog. as a way to in achieving entire method integration those analog features are ideally built-in within the comparable CMOS expertise. a massive type of analog circuits that have to be built-in in CMOS are analog filters.
This ebook offers with very excessive frequency (VHF) filters, that are filters with cut-off frequencies starting from the low megahertz variety to a number of 1000's of megahertz. until eventually lately the maximal cut-off frequencies of CMOS filters have been restricted to the low megahertz diversity. through using the thoughts provided during this publication the restrict may be driven into the genuine VHF area, and built-in VHF filters develop into possible. software of those VHF filters are available within the box of conversation, instrumentation and keep an eye on platforms. for instance, pre and put up filtering for high-speed advert and DA converters, sign reconstruction, sign interpreting, and so forth. the overall layout philosophy utilized in this ebook is to permit purely absolutely the minimal of sign wearing nodes during the entire clear out.
This technique starts off on the clear out synthesis point and is prolonged to the extent of digital circuitry. the result's a clear out attention during which all capacitators (including parasitics) have a wanted functionality. the benefit of this system is that top frequency parasitic results (parasitic poles/zeros) are minimally current.
The publication is a reference for engineers in study or improvement, and is appropriate to be used as a textual content for complicated classes at the topic. >

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The state variable ILa now becomes available at the output of the integrator 1/sLa. 6 it can be seen that the differentiation sC a is always followed by an integration, the differentiation is therefore canceled. We can distinguish the following signal paths in which the differentiation is canceled. 14) . _---<0 Vout -1 1 -SC3 -1 R1 SC2 1 -1 \'in -1 1 Rs SC4 SL3 lu 1 R1 Fig. 6 Splitting the branch sC3. 15) show a loop from VC2 to VC2 and from VC4 to VC4. The loop of VC2 can be eliminated by rewriting the equations for VC2 .

13-b. 33) for the transconductor realization of the gyrator, the power flowing into these two terminals can be calculated. 19-a. If gm 1=gm 2 the gyrator behaves passively8 and P1 and P2 are of equal magnitude but of opposite sign and consequently P1 + P2 = O. The power gain of the gyrator is in this case zero. In a practical gyrator it is possible that gm 1+gm 2 due to mismatch and the gyrator will behave actively. To analyze the effect of an "active" gyrator two gyrator configurations must be distinguished.

18 Filter synthesis for (very) high frequencies Fig. 4 Third-order elliptic low-pass filter (LC ladder). The voltage VC3 across C3 is equal to the difference of V C2 and V C4 ' hence VC3 is not an independent state variable. 5) .. 5. The nodes in the upper half of the graph represent voltages and the nodes in the lower Chapter 2 19 half represent currents. VC2 VC4 -1 1 /~ -1 Rl 1 1 SC2 SL3 V -1 Fig. 4. The multiplication by s (differentiation) is caused by the feed forward path through Ca. Differentiators should be avoided because of noise and bandwidth grounds.

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