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Animal Courtship (Animal Behavior) by Krista West

By Krista West

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Fish and shellfish courtship THE IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOLS A school of fish is comprised of many fish of the same variety swimming together. About 80% of fish swim in schools during some point in their lives. scientists believe that fish school for a few reasons. First, it takes less energy for a fish to swim in a group than to swim solo. Just as it is easier for cyclists to ride fast in groups, it is easier for fish to swim fast in groups. each fish in a school creates a small current of water behind its tailfin.

Male mallards have bright green feathers on their heads. They have gray and black body feathers. Female mallards have brown and black speckled feathers. Scientists suspect that these color differences help birds identify their own species and help make the males more attractive to females. The more colorful male mallard (left ( left left)) looks very different than the female mallard.

During courtship, they often use physical aggression, scent, and light. Some types of male dung beetles have horns on their heads. They use the horns to fight with other males for a female’s attention. Other dung beetle varieties have antennae that help them “sniff out” potential mates. Dung beetles feed on the dung, or solid wastes, of other animals. During courtship, the male and female often mate underground or inside a ball of dung. The female lays eggs in the dung. When the eggs hatch, they have a food source waiting.

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