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Apocalyptic Time by Albert I. Baumgarten

By Albert I. Baumgarten

The subject matter of the publication is the character and belief of time in millennial hobbies, the ways that those teams confront inevitable sadness after which go back to "normal" time. the amount includes revised essays in accordance with displays made at a world convention dedicated to the topic. Authors undertake a few disciplinary techniques to the subject, interpreting millennial pursuits from the 3 Abrahamic faiths, in addition to from the East. The target of this paintings is to give a contribution to the idea of millennialism, by way of providing particular info and theoretical mirrored image which may improve one another.

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Concerning myth, Meissner writes: "The significance of the myth lies not in its content, but in the intensity and conviction it is experienced," see Meissner, The Paranoid Process, p. 119. 75 As Collins observes, the apocalyptic as mythology provides "a good illustration of the intrinsic relation of the form to the message," see Collins, "Apocalyptic Eschatology," p. 30. 76 Wilfrid J. Harrington, Revelation (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 1993) p. 31. Concerning emotional discharge, see Scheff, Catharsis, p.

This is why the life-endowing systems arouse combinations of hope and despair, anticipation for salvation and fear of extinction. Two Major Themes of the Apocalyptic The apocalyptic belongs to the "binary" family of ideologies. While scholars make different lists of the essential components of the apocalyptic, two common themes emerge. 1 Those who hold dualistic beliefs, whatever their content, view the world as a battle-ground between absolutely positive and unconditionally negative opposites: God and Belial; Christ and the Antichrist; sons of light and sons of darkness; proletariat and capitalists; Herrenvolk and Untermenschentum, etc.

214. 34 MOSHE HAZANI imagination), then, precedes rebirth into a new existence. 74 Apocalyptic scenes are gripping pictures, images carved from words and rendered in Bosch- or Breugel-like spine-chilling style. Verging on the surrealistic, their emotive power is great, all the more so as they revolve around doom, death, and annihilation—the most acute concerns of the survivors. 75 The emotive power of the apocalyptic is all at once a drama, horror tale, and ritual. 77 Even the ending seems to be awesome.

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