Applied Electricity-A Text-Book of Electrical Engineering by J. Paley Yorke

By J. Paley Yorke

The character of those is dependent upon situations. A volume of electrical energy will be discharged via a compound liquid and the consequences produced will be chemical, heating, and magnetic. The liquid will be decomposed ;it will be heated via the passage of the electrical energy ;and approximately it there will be a magnetic box. but when an identical volume be discharged via a cord there may merely be results produced, the heating and the magnetic. A achieve, if the same volume be at leisure on a physique there'll be no facts of any of those results ;but it may be shewn that the physique is in a position to attracting to itself any mild debris of topic, and of repelling different our bodies equally charged with electrical energy. This charged physique wouldn't be heated through the resident electrical energy; there will be no signal of any magnetic box in its neighbourhood ;and if the cost have been resident on a liquid there will be no chemical impression hence. those are trouble-free evidence and are summed up within the assertion that the phenomena of electrical energy in movement are assorted from these of electrical energy at leisure upon our bodies. while a physique is charged with electrical energy it's in a position to doing paintings it could allure gentle debris of subject or repel equally charged our bodies and it as a result possesses strength as well as its gravitational strength. this extra power is electric power and is dependent upon the amount of electrical energy and the possibility of the physique. P. Y.
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69) through When is heated slightly by the passage of a current it will increase in length and sag. This sag is taken up by at C, and to the base of the another wire CDE fixed to is fixed to CE at 1), instrument at E. Another wire and passes round a small pulley wheel which can turn about a horizontal axis at F. The end G of is fixed to a piece which keeps it taut constantly. A pointer of clockspring and the indicating end of is fixed on the axis of the pulley this can move over a scale as shewn.

The instrument is rendered dead beat by means of a This consists of a glass cylinder of oil piston and dash pot. in which a disc of ivory pierced with small holes can slide as a This disc is fixed to a continuapiston slides in a cylinder. tion of the iron rod below the weight W, so that the dash pot behind the scale. It is shewn by the dotted instrument is not a portable one. is lines. The 28 APPLIED ELECTRICITY Fig. 8. MEASUREMENT OF CURRENT STRENGTH A Simple Iron Needle form. A 29 simple form of iron A solenoid $ is by Fig.

Another form of standard cell, adopted officially, is that known as the In this cell cadmium designed by Mr Weston. F. with the temperature of the cell is very small compared with the other standard. Fig. 17 illustrates a form of cadmium cell, made up in ELECTRO-MOTIVE-FORCE AND H the ITS MEASUREMENT The diagram form suggested by Lord Rayleigh. self-explanatory. M F. of the cadmium cell is 43 T019 volts at 20 C. F. is only one-tenth of that of the Clark cell. F. readily Marine and, as the The majority of these polarise very student is aware, this reduces their Gbjue Marine Glue Cork, Paraffin; Sulphate Cadmium.

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