Armored Cav (Tom Clancy's Military Reference) by Tom Clancy

By Tom Clancy

A penetrating glance inside of an armored cavalry regiment -- the expertise, the techniques, and the folk . . . profiled by means of Tom Clancy.His first non-fiction booklet, Submarine, captured the truth of existence aboard a nuclear warship. Now, the number 1 bestselling writer of transparent and current possibility and with no regret portrays present day army as in simple terms military team of workers can comprehend it. With a similar compelling, you-are-there immediacy of his acclaimed fiction, Tom Clancy offers special descriptions of tanks, helicopters, artillery, and extra -- the significant know-how in the back of the U. S. military. He captures army lifestyles -- from the drama of strive against to the day-by-day regimen -- with overall accuracy, and divulges the jobs and missions that have in recent times individual our scuffling with forces. Armored Cav includes:Descriptions of the M1A2 major conflict Tank, the AH-64A Apache assault Helicopter, and moreAn interview with normal Frederick FranksStrategies in the back of the desolate tract typhoon accountExclusive picture, illustrations and diagramsPLUS: From West element cadet to abandon hurricane commander . . . an interview with a strive against cavalry officer at the upward thrust.

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Modern long-rod penetrators are made of solid tungsten or depleted-uranium alloys. Both are extremely dense and very hard. Some earlier long-rods were made of stainless steel with tungsten cores, but these tended to shatter on impact with the modern armor packages used on today’s tanks. Depleted-uranium (DU) alloys have slightly better penetration performance than tungsten alloys, but DU is somewhat radioactive and the dust (UO2) is very toxic. Since tank ammunition is stowed in a separate armored compartment, the tank’s crew is effectively shielded from radiation and chemical hazards before the DU round is fired, but this protection is lost when the round impacts on a target.

Sitting astride a horse you can see farther than you can while standing on your own two feet. And the horse has four legs, which has advantages, too. More fleet of foot than a man- though only for short distances, and only if properly treated—the horse can give his rider the ability to locate the enemy, approach him, count his numbers, perhaps harass him a little, and then escape unhurt to report to the chieftain. And so from time immemorial, these two missions have been the main missions of the cavalry: to locate the enemy, and to sting him.

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