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Ate As in Skate (Word Families Set 8) by Carey Molter

By Carey Molter

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We think that the best way to structure the EAR is so that it contains space for the appraisee to record The art of appraisal II • 49 his or her reflections on things that happen (how this problem could be avoided, how that good idea could be put to use more often, how this activity could be better resourced) as well as a straightforward account of what has happened and the raw data (such as prescribing figures) that describe activity. The advantage of this is that it means that events or ideas can be recorded in the EAR when they happen.

In some ways the skills and training of the appraiser are more important than their professional background. The Department of Health guidance on GP appraisal specifies that the appraiser should be a GP from the same area, though not necessarily from the same PCT. g. small inner city practices) have particular sets of problems and needs. Clearly the availability of appraisers is a key 20 • e-Appraisal issue for the process as a whole, as is the acceptability of individual appraisers to the practitioner concerned.

Who is listening to whom? GP appraisal is intended to be a dialogue. As well as finding out what GPs need to improve their practice, one purpose of appraisal is to feed back (aggregated and anonymous feedback in some circumstances) to 'management' about what resources are required to achieve this. The processes for this need to be explicit to the appraisee and appraiser in order to maintain trust. Who provides evidence? The emphasis in GP appraisal is on evidence provided by the appraisee as part of a reflective process.

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