Encyclopedia of Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks by M. Church, Mario Coniglio, L. A. Hardie, F. J. Longstaffe,

By M. Church, Mario Coniglio, L. A. Hardie, F. J. Longstaffe, V. Middleton

This accomplished, one-volume encyclopedia covers the sedimentological facets of sediments and sedimentary rocks. It positive factors greater than 250 entries by means of a few one hundred eighty eminent participants from around the globe, first-class indices, move references, and large bibliographies.

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The impact of Quaternary sea-level and climatic change on coastal alluvial fans in the Cabo de Gata ranges, southeast Spain. Geomorphology, 28: 1-22. , 1999b. Response of alluvial fan systems to the late Pleistocene to Holocene climatic transition: contrasts between the margins of pluvial Lakes Lahontan and Mojave, Nevada and California, USA. Catena, 36: 255-281. , 1978. Alluvial fan sequence and megasequence models, with examples for Westphalian D - Stephanian B coalfields, northern Spain. D. ).

Soil Seience Society of America Journal, 64: 254-262. , 1986. Controls on the rate of weathering and clay mineral genesis in airfall tephras: a review and New Zealand case study. P. ), Ratesof Chemical Weathering of Rocks and Minerals. NY: Academic Press. Allophane-like materials in the weather zones of Silurian phosphate-rich veins from SantaCreu d'Olorda(Barcelona, Spain). ClayMinerals, 35:411 -421. , 1990a. Allophane in New Zealand—A Review. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 28: 343-360. , 1990b.

This is perhaps the primary emphasis in the geomorphological literature, in relation to Quaternary and modern fans. Historical context Numerous studies in the American southwest provide the basis for our knowledge. Important papers by Blissenbach (1954), dealing with fan sedimens, by Denny (1965) dealing with the Death Valley fans, and by Hooke (1967) linking fan processes, sediments and morphology were followed by a series of papers by Bull (for details see Bull, 1977), examined the relations between tectonics, fan morphology and sediments.

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