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Gravitational Field of a Static, Spherically Symmetric

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Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Spraystruktur in Transienten, Verdampfenden und Nicht Verdampfenden Brennstoffstrahlen Unter Hochdruk

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Feedback in “Letters to the Editor” for one errata and performance data in QEX, May/ June 2003, p 63. 2U. Rohde, KA2WEU/DJ2LR, “Key Components of Modern Receiver Design: A Second Look,” QST, Dec 1994, pp 38-44. Also Part 1 in QST, May 2003, pp 29-32; Part 2, June 1994, pp 27-31. 3U. Rohde, KA2WEU, “Theory of Intermodulation and Reciprocal Mixing,” Part 2, QEX, Jan/Feb 2003, pp 21-31. A good look at measuring IP3 in mixers, and there is a schematic of an high performance switching type mixer around SD5000 IC reporting IP3 in the range of 36 to 42 dBm.

He got his own call at 18. He is now 39, and still enjoys DX and Contests. Sergio holds a degree in economics and com- merce from Bologna University and works in a local bank as credit analyst. He started young and read a lot of good amateur related books and magazines in his spare time. He holds S79AU from the Seychelles Islands and Amateur Extra US license AC7PC (my Italian address only is good for mail), 5BDXCC Challenge and is on the DXCC Honor Roll as well. In some contests he uses special call IR4B, and he is one of Marconi Memorial Station (IY4FGM) official operators from his summer home where he started, young, his first wireless radio experiments, now mausoleum and museum, in Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna).

We’re pleased with the result. For weak-signal performance, you still need a quiet IF-gain distribution, a well-behaved AGC with the proper threshold and time-constant selection under different conditions 17 and proper phase delay in the sharp bandpass filters. A high-quality product detector and noiseless audio stages alleviate listening fatigue. All those critical issues work together with an LO having the lowest possible phase noise. mode mixers built around a busswitch IC, to provide an evaluation PC board and some data.

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